Samara Trails

The Samara trails is located in Playa Samara Guanacaste. This is a trail system within the 346 acre private Werner Sauter Wildlife refuge that has been designed to offer the ultimate experience to its visitors. The location of the refuge is within the tropical forest and the trail has been curved out in dry places keeping it as natural as possible. It gives a rare opportunity to view several animals that consider the forest home among other species of tropical forest plants and trees that are indigenous and can only be found in the region. In addition to this, Samara trails have a refreshing holistic experience for its visitors with nature and learning local and native traditions.

As the name suggests, the Samara trails has gained its fame from hiking the trails and allowing visitors to bond with nature. The service offers two daily tours from Samara beach complete with a tour guide and a minimum of two persons participates in each tour. This tour of the region includes a visit to the Werner Sauter Biological Reserve which is one of the privately owned reserves in Guanacaste. In addition to this, visitors also get to enjoy the services of a bilingual guide educated in the sciences, a chance to buy tropical snacks at the viewpoint, affordable local transportation and an insurance cover by the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS).
The hike through takes 2.5 hours and provides for a healthy lifestyle as it offers an active adventure to the holiday. In addition, there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables as the trail goes through plantations where visitors can purchase them at discounted prices. It also offers eco- tours on the history of flora and fauna that starts from a former cattle farm, continues through a mango plantation, and finally into the reserve. Another tourist attraction activities synonymous with the Samara trails include bird watching, Eco travel, horseback riding, walk on the beach, and the Costa Rican Coffee experience.

Samara Trails Samara Trails

Being a small country located in the tropics, Costa Rica is rich with bird and animal species that are a rare sight and appeals to ecologically and socially conscious individuals. The Samara Trails provide enough when it comes to eco-tourism making it a popular destination for tourists. Horse riding gives the opportunity of experiencing nature at its most intimate level rather than sitting on a bus or a motor vehicle. Walking on the beach is one of the most prestigious activities by tourists on Samara Trails as they relax and experience the breeze. Coffee production plays an important role in Costa Rica’s economy and tourists enjoys the coffee.

Finally, the Trails has rare and vulnerable biomes tropical dry forest that is a must see for any visitor in Central America. Tourist come not only to help conserve this rare work of nature, but also visit to learn about the plants, animals, and the rich history of the inhabitants the land long before the time of Columbus.

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