Things to do in Guanacaste

The province of Guanacaste is a great and exotic area to discover. Whenever you feel the need of leaving the Riu Guanacaste resort, there are great things to do!
Most of the activities in Guanacaste are dominated by the fantastic nature and coastline of this part of Costa Rica. Below we have described 5 top attractions for you.

#1 Go Adventures Tour, Tamarindo
Services offered by Go adventures tour caters for tour excursions and vacations available locally. The company also offers accommodations for the clients which can be in-house or outsourced depending on the clientÂ’s preferences.

Go Adventures Tour Go Adventures Tour

#2 Casagua Horses Tours
Activities such as horse riding through the surrounding villages and mountains constitute to some of the major activities handled at the ranch. Horses at the Casagua Horses tours are well trained and groomed by the excellent support staff at the ranch that is always ready and eager to offer help to visitors.

Casagua Horses Tours Casagua Horses Tours

#3 Nosara
Nosara is a term coined from the local dialect to mean beach area. This tour destination, just like the name suggest is located in the beach areas of Costa Rica and offers a breathtaking scenery and a variety activities even to repeat visitors.

Nosara Beach

#4 Palo Verde National Park
The National Park plays an important role in protecting the endangered species of the deciduous forests which is a collection of rare dry forest trees. The total protected area comes to about 73000 hectares which hosts nearly different forest habitats making it one of the region's biological assorted destinations.

Palo Verde National Park

#5 Samara Trails
The Samara trails is located in Playa Samara Guanacaste. This is a trail system within the 346 acre private Werner Sauter Wildlife refuge that has been designed to offer the ultimate experience to its visitors.

Samara Trails Samara Trails

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